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BPM provides translation and interpreting services in every city of Kazakhstan and in many other countries. Our team consists of highly qualified experts in interpreting and translating nearly every language in the world, including the rarest ones.

BPM offers all the necessary related services, from notarization and apostille to professional voiceover for translated material, and everything in between.

What happens to your documents when you send them to BPM

Skillful project management is half the battle

A project manager is like the conductor of the translation orchestra, which is made up of translators, editors, proofreaders and designers — the project manager directs the translation process for your documents. What could be more important than a translation in a translation company? Only the correct scheduling for completing the translation project.

No machines, just qualified experts

All the documents we take on are translated by humans — you won’t find any machine translation here. All the translators on our team are fluent in a foreign language, but most important, they have mastered all the ins and outs of their native language. In addition, they are subject-matter experts who are also proficient at working with translation memories.

Quality assurance for the job

The editor proofreads the document after it’s translated, making sure that it accurately conveys the meaning of the source. The editor’s job is to make a raw translation into a full-fledged document, guaranteeing that the terminology and style are unique. But the process doesn’t stop there. Any changes made in the final stages of the project must be approved by the project editor.

The designer ensures that the formatting of the translation matches that of your source document.

It is the designer’s job to format the translation according to the source document you provide.

The designer works with different types of files, from basic documents in Docx to complex AutoCAD drawings.

The proofreader picks up any typos and punctuation errors

This is the final stage of the translation process. After all the other steps, the translation goes through a final check during which minor errors are corrected.
The document that is ready for submission or printing goes through one last step, to the project manager and then back to you.

Important things to keep in mind when you request a translation

Based on our experience, we’ve come up with some basic rules you should follow when you make a request so you can get the best possible results. These rules are:

RULE 1. Do not leave your translation to the last minute. Translators need enough time to concentrate on the document during the translation process. Also, if you place an order with a translation company, the cost of the translation usually includes the editing and proofreading services so as to guarantee that the translation is accurate, and this can be done only if there is enough time. This is why we say, “Don’t rush!”

RULE 2. If the document contains abbreviations, acronyms or names that are understood by only a small group of people (e.g., they are used only within a particular company), please try to provide their definitions when you place your order. This could entail sending either your organization’s official glossary, if you have one, or your preferred translations of these terms.

RULE 3. The cost of a translation is not the most important factor, but for some people it plays a decisive role. But it is important to remember that the work of an expert in any profession deserves to be compensated fairly.

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