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No matter what your needs, we can help you. Keep in mind that every project is unique, and the deadline depends on the language and subject matter. You are in excellent hands with us. Our team delivers top-quality translations of technical, legal, medical, oil & gas, marketing, literary and economics documents that do not read like translations.

Письменный перевод от Бюро переводов BPM

Translation of AutoCAD

Do you have extensive experience translating drawings?
That’s a good start, but we surpass that.

Do you need a monolingual, bilingual or trilingual drawing, or a composite drawing with special requirements? You’ve come to the right place—we understand the intricacies of translating drawings.

Перевод чертежей от бюро переводов BPM

Translation of webs,
apps and software

A well-crafted website translation is the face of your company, and accurately translated software is a guarantee of success. The BPM team has the tools to help you and to provide linguistic support as you take your company onto the international market. We can handle anything, from the most basic job to large-scale projects.

Бюро переводов BPM предоставляет услугу перевода сайтов

Notarized or
with a company seal

We are not a notary’s office. Nor are we a notary public. We are credentialed translators, and thanks to our qualifications, we can notarize a translation we complete. When you choose us, you’ll get translated documents that are notarized or certified and ready to be submitted to the requesting authorities. Translation + notarization/certification = a turnkey solution.

Заверение от Бюро переводов BPM

Simultaneous and Consecutive

There is a big difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. If you don’t know the difference and aren’t sure which one you need, we are here to help you. Tell us what you’re looking for, and BPM’s project managers will recommend the appropriate solution and select the best person for the job.
We are standing by.

Услуги устного перевода от Бюро переводов BPM

Docs Authentication

If you need apostille services for documents issued in Kazakhstan, look no further than BPM. Although it is more complicated to provide apostille services for documents issued in other countries, it can still be done. Contact us and we will find a solution. We provide an all-inclusive service: we make the request, translate and provide the apostille service.

Апостилирование в бюро переводов BPM

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