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A tailored approach to every request based on the particular features of the document you need to translate

BPM is staffed by professional project managers who are equipped to adapt to every customer expectation and request, no matter how specific it is. The project manager’s essential responsibilities include finding out your precise requirements for the document to be translated and scheduling the project so that the final product is top notch.

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    It takes only 5 – 15 minutes to request a translation.

    We will share testimonials from happy clients upon request. BPM’s long-standing success enables us to translate documents on any topic in any industry. BPM’s professionals have a single goal: achieving a superb result. Their extensive experience guarantees that this is what you will get. We are not afraid of a challenge, and we can handle nearly any linguistic task. When you turn to BPM to translate your documents, you will not be dealing with just a translator, but with a full-service team made up of project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders and designers who will work on your document with the goal of providing you with an impeccable translation.

    Check out this video, which shows how to get to our office. First, head north (toward the mountains) toward Al-Farabi Avenue, and then turn right into the courtyard (use the Fidelity health club as a landmark). If you have any trouble, call us and a manager will tell you exactly how to get to our front door.

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